The Ones ( Rescue 1, Brick Church 1, & Anthony Hill 1)


 Giles County Fire and Rescue is an all volunteer organization located in Giles County, Tennessee. We consist of 79 members assigned to 8 stations throughout Giles County. We currently respond to structure, automotive, and grass/woodland fires as well as providing extrication in automotive accidents and a swift water and dive rescue team.

Giles County Fire and Rescue Officers

Chief : Cory Medley
Asst. Chief : Shane Richardson
Unit Director : Brigette Harney
Squad Secretary : Tiffany Hughes
Squad Chaplain : Nick Davis

    The Ones ( Rescue 1, Brick Church 1, & Anthony Hill 1)

    Interested in Becoming a Member? Applications are accepted once every quarter, (Jan, April, & Aug.) just fill out the application and click submit someone will contact when applications are reviewed
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    The Neighbor

    They live among us, and work among us. We pass them on the street, and in our local markets and banks. Some may even be our neighbors.

    We see them often, without giving them much thought. While most of them
    prefer to go about their daily lives without fanfare, when you next see them, please take the time to look at them closely.

    Look at their faces. Familiar, kind, smiling faces, that surely mask the burden of memories and responsibilities they shoulder.

    Look into their eyes. You will see eyes that are friendly, and filled with a youthful sense of humor. Look deeply enough, and you may glimpse some small evidence of the horrors they have witnessed.

    Look at their arms. Arms that are powerful, yet are used to provide comfort and compassion.

    Look at their hands. They likely reveal signs of scars and years of hard work, but are capable of tenderness and caring.

    Listen to them. You will hear laughing, boisterous voices filled with the joy of life, because they have been exposed to so much loss.

    Then, before you turn away, please give them a smile, a wave, or even a handshake, because that is the greatest gift they could ever receive. No words are needed, because they will understand.

    Who are these people that I am referring to?

    While each individual is one of many, they are all as one, bound together by many years of honor and tradition. They are, by the grace of God and a little luck, America's Firefighters!

    Written By: Michael Newberry (Firefighter and TFACA Instructor)
    Giles County Fire & Rescue Stations

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